What are you and your partner doing for the weekend? Why not cater to each other, at home… Yes, I said at home. Hear me out…

There is nothing better than the hands of your love, rubbing all over your body. 

Have you ever thought about doing a spa day or evening right in the comfort of your own home? Picture of this… An evening of comfort right at home… you and your partner setting your space up in a way that creates a romantic and relaxing ambience. You will need your body scrub sugar or salt lavender soap or your soap of choice, some body butter and a few ReNoir Beauty candles to set the mood. Take your time with one another, gaze Into each other’s eyes and prepare to heal.
Set up your baths or showers. You will need this for the body scrub. Yes, you will need to scrub each other. This will be quite stimulating, but stay focused, you have time 😉 Start by scooping a quarter size dollop in your hand, then rub it on your partner‘s back in a circular motion. Then To the arms, and chest and make your way around their body. Take your time… Once you have scrubbed One another to your desire, you would wash with your choice of body wash or you can use a ReNoirs Beauty bar. Once you have finished your a sensual shower together, now it’s time for the massage.
Yes, now we’re getting into it!! Stay with me!!!  ReNoir Beautys body butter melts immediately on contact. This is great for that after shower massage. You will do the same thing you did in the shower. Start with your partners back and work your way around the body. This process is guaranteed to lead to some pure relaxation and the best nights sleep you’ve ever had. This is what you call self-care people! 
And not only are you treating yourself, you are treating your partner as well. This is another form of intimacy that just requires you and your partner to work together and love on each other. Don’t even worry about your phones or your computers… Just be present in the moment. Do you know how much healing is going to take place after just one session with each other? Or, with yourself?
Plus, it beats paying over $300, and having to drive on top of it. Not in any way, am I saying that you shouldn’t ever treat yourself to this,  however, just expressing that you can do this a lot more often and at home, with your partner.
I can write these articles for days. However, it’s you, that has to know how important self-care is. It is literally, internal healing. There is nothing wrong with taking that time for yourself, remember that.
Now, Go Have Some Fun!!