How are Sugar and salt scrubs beneficial for the healing and rejuvenation of your skin?

Many of us don’t even take the time to exfoliate our face, so I can only imagine how low the percentage is of people who exfoliate their bodies. We always hear about how important it is to exfoliate our skin, but we don’t do it. Why? Well, many of us have fear of breakouts, unsure of which products to use or we just simply don’t take the time.

Let me explain why body scrubs are important and the additional benefits they have.
Sugar scrubs have a natural glycolic acid that penetrates the skin which helps hydrate and keep moisture in the skin.  Sugar scrubs are excellent, gentle exfoliants that will leave a natural glow to your skin.   Sugar scrubs are also great for sun damaged skin and aging skin.
Salt scrubs work the same as sugar scrubs, in the sense that they scrub dead skin cells away and leave you with a fabulous glow. However, salt scrubs have an added benefit because salt helps to pull toxins away from the body and ease any inflammation you may have. Isn’t that refreshing!! Either way, you are winning!!
Now that you know a few of the benefits, it’s time for you to take that self-care day and do some exfoliation. I guarantee, you will love the smooth texture of your skin afterwards. ReNoir Beauty recommends you try our “Citrine” Body Glow Sugar Scrub and our “Soothing Lavender” Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub. Made with Love, Just for you!
Remember to take that day for yourself. It’s important for you to preserve and protect your energy. However, with daily work and life events, it can definitely be hard to maintain the energy you need for your daily life. And also, maintain inner peace.
So, pick a day, just for you and ReCharge!! We encourage it.